something is fishy kaftans that Bling styling magnets
Kaftans that Bling

Something is Fishy Kaftan styling magnets blue

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This is styling essential for your silk kaftans, these silk friendly clothing magnets are finished with a Cabochon finish,  and are designed to clasp and hold through layers of silk, making styling options fun and unique. 

How To Use:

1. Pull to separate your Kaftans that Bling clothing magnets.

2. Prepare to style by folding, pulling, shortening or ruching your Kaftans

3. Carefully pair the magnets to secure the style and transform your garment into multiple new shapes and silhouettes.

- Kaftans that Bling Magnets
- Handmade
- Multi coloured Rhinestones
- Kaftan styling accessory
- Embossed edge
- Silk-friendly
- Strong magnetic pull holds 4 layers of silk- dotted Rhinestone Cabochons

dimensions 15mm x 1.5mm

Rare-Earth Neodymium Magnet x 4 (2pairs)

Australian Made and Designed

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