About Us

The Birth of Kaftans that Bling

She is colorful and full of life, she is fearless, passionate, and stylish, there is nothing she cannot do, She had a dream and she pursued it, a reflection of who I am and who You are.

Kaftans that Bling was Born

All Styles are soft luxurious and feminine silks from India (no blends) each embellishment and bead work hand sewn with so much love and precision (not glued) the splashes of color and styles give you the confidence to do anything you want, they will take you where you need to go with an effortless style, that will always make you feel Confident.

Let your dreams come to life through “Kaftans that Bling”

We will not let you down. Release your Inner Goddess and live the life you were meant to, don't let fear hold you back from doing what you love to do”

We source reputable Designer Brands with the highest of quality and made with the highest of ethics.  My go to Brand is Fashion Spectrum, they have been around for more than 25 years Manufacturing Luxurious Silk Kaftans. I have done my research and found this brand to be Exquisite with the intricate hand sewn beadwork transforming each piece into a work of art. I then bring them to you at a fraction of the Retail price.

How you ask?  All marketing and Advertising is done in house we try wherever possible to keep the cost down for you.

Why?  We want all Women to experience the feeling of wearing Luxury without the exuberant costs involved in doing so, We want to bring you the best in quality and design so you too can experience the feeling of confidence the moment you put it on, isn't it time you let the crowd follow you.

We are an Australian Owned and Operated Business.

Kaftans that Bling xx