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Kaftans that Bling was started in 2019, we were not to know that we were about to enter into the world's largest Pandemic, through the challenges of getting stock,  in a world that was pretty much closed down, that was definitely challenging.
We had to learn to adapt along the way and introduced many relatable products. Our specialty being silk kaftans, I searched high and low to find the best Kaftans on the market, and I persevered and it paid off, I not only found the best silk Kaftans but so far survived the Pandemic as well win win .   
We at Kaftans that Bling offer you a Range of luxurious Silk Kaftans, Jackets, palazzo pants & more in sophisticated prints making them prefect to wear all year round, allowing your skin to breath whilst still looking and feeling fabulous.  We are proud of the quality and uniqueness of these Kaftans, Jewellery and our very own Deluxe Soy Candles.
We love bringing everything to you and keeping the prices very competitive in todays Market. 
We love what we do and are very passionate about the company.
Proudly Australian Owned and Operated Small Business.
Julie Brown xx
about us, how we started and where we are today, proudly Australian Owned and Operated Small Business

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