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Welcome to our New collection Inspired by a Passage through India, Covid-19 has hit Countries all over the world hard, it has been extremely hard for Businesses getting supplies and Countries torn apart.


Our garments are designed in Australia and produced in India, through India's ravaging spread of the Delta Strain it wiped out villages, lives lost and Factory closures. The finest of silks are manufactured in India and we wanted to celebrate the struggles it took to get back to Reopening the factories and celebrating the beautiful culture throughout India, the strength and dedication it took to come back and produce this amazing new collection is a tremendous effort and we are grateful.


In our new collection the Colours are bold and beautiful and represent the strength and ability to bring this beautiful Collection to fruition.

 I am sure you will agree this New Collection is yet our finest.


New Beginnings of strength and ability to all as we find our way out of this Pandemic that has changed and taken the lives of so many.


New Collection
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