Put It On Lay-buy powered by Paypal

Put It On Lay-buy powered by Paypal

Put it on Lay-buy powered by Paypal



Lay-Buy makes it easy for you to buy the products and services that you need by paying for them via a down payment and monthly instalments.

AFFORDABLE: Our calculator allows you to select the down payment you can afford to today and the amount of months you need to pay off the product.

CONVENIENCE: Payments are automatically setup between you and the seller with no manual payments by either party.

FLEXIBLE: You can settle a Lay-Buy order earlier at any given time.

CHOICE: he buyer gets to select the down-payment % they wish to pay immediately, and how many months they want the Lay-Buy to run for.

It's that Easy Put it on Lay-buy is a great payment alternative to secure your purchase.


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