Styling your kaftan could never be so Easy - Kaftans that Bling

Styling your kaftan could never be so Easy

Styling your Kaftan could never be so easy


The kaftan’s flowing look is flattering, making it great for all occasions. Unlike what most people think, Kaftans are not just for the pool or beach. Although it works amazing for these moments, a kaftan can offer so much more! You can turn heads with this unique ensemble no matter where you go. Styling your kaftan for a formal event or the office. All you need to do is work it, Be a Boss Babe 

Here are some tips to help you Own it when wearing you Kaftans.


Picking the right Fabric is key

Fabric is key, when styling your kaftan if your after a soft femininely flow, then silk is your best friend, The beauty of silk is that it is not only a luxurious Fabric but perfect for all Temperatures, as it allows the skin to breath and it's light weight. Kaftans are made in many different fabrics and all of them giving you a different feel and flow. My go to is Silk because of the ability to tuck the fabric in and blouse, giving you endless styling options.

Choose your style

These flowing pieces come in various lengths from short to maxi-dress versions. Box Style Kaftans which are extremely versatile, giving you many options to style, team with a belt, or do the classic undie tuck or the styling magnets to shape and drape to your own style. your options are endless in styling your kaftan and choosing the right style for yourself.

The Right Bag

Since your kaftan will be the conversation piece, make sure you go for a smaller bag, preferably a matching clutch with a few embellishments this will be your go to, this look will take you from day to evening without much effort.

Shoes, shoes

When it comes to styling your Kaftan, you can’t forget what’s on your feet. You can actually wear them with anything from sandals to heels. The choice is yours, depending on what look you are trying to go for!  The right shoes will make all the difference in your complete look. 


Finally, to complete your look in styling your kaftan, you need accessories. If you are going for a formal affair, Then some big bling earrings and some stacked bracelets will look fabulous, but do not go overboard on the Accessories, Remember your Kaftan is the work of Art here.


Wolla, off you go :) That's all there is to styling your kaftan.


PS:  You Look Amazing



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